UICC Unlock – What is it?

UICC unlock is a process to unlock your smartphone in case of locked to which term of some functions. This means you are restricted to use a SIM card provided by some other career provider.

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UICC Unlock

UICC Unlock

What is UICC?

UICC stands for universal integrated circuit card also known as SIM card. It is responsible to help your smartphone connect with wireless carrier services via pre-configured instructions stored on a SIM card.

It is accountable for establishing a connection and identifying your device on the network. It also stores your data and contacts to provide a secure reliable data connection. Once you get your phone activated for the first with a SIM card, UICC comes into action and sends a signal to your wireless carrier provider to verify the identity of the phone. 

What is UICC Unlock?

UICC unlock is known as sim unlocking is a process to unlock the device with SIM-card-use restriction to use the device with any other sim card.

Unlocking UICC allows you to use any other sim card other than a sprint. 

What is the difference between SIM and UICC?

We all know that UICC stands for universal integrated service card and SIM stands for subscriber’s identification modules. But other than the name what is the difference between UICC and SIM?


  • UICC can be installed on all modern electronic devices, including laptops and desktops.
  • UICC is a new generation high-tech sim that can be used in several other devices including 4G or 3G.


  • SIM is only limited to mobile devices.
  • SIM is usually used to access the network and restart a device on the network to get connectivity.

What is UICC Unlock on a Sprint Device?

Sprint is a well-known carrier provider for locking UICC on Samsung smartphones. This prevents the user to use any other SIM cards on the device.

In simple words, the smartphone is restricted to only one carrier service through programming and cannot run any other wireless service.

How to Unlock UICC on a Sprint Samsung Phone?

If you are using a Samsung device with a sprint connection that is UICC locked the first process to unlock is by flashing the phone. but if this method didn’t work there is another method that includes third-party service.

CSC e is one of the most important components of Samsung smartphone firmware that is accountable for custom settings, localization, and other settings like system language and APN.

Here are the steps below to change the CSC configuration of the device:

  • First, go to sprint Samsung unlock the official website, and place an order for the device you need to unlock.
  • Now download the USB redirector app on your computer.
  • Now, obtain the remote address using unlock boot and connect the device.
  • Once you are connected the official at the remote unlockboot will assist you further in the UICC unlocking process.

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