This Extension Violates The Chrome Web Store Policy – Fix

This Extension Violates The Chrome Web Store Policy – Google Chrome always believed in the safety of the chrome user first, and this is why most web users use Google Chrome Browser, but if you encounter one web store policy violation error “This extension violates the Chrome WebStore policy”, so if you want to know how to fix it.

Then HowSort Team will help you to fix it with step by step guide, and then you can start using chrome like before. 

This Extension Violates The Chrome Web Store Policy

This Extension Violates The Chrome Web Store Policy

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You have to visit chrome://extensions to enter the Extension Manager by web browsing in Chromium in order to get the notification of disabled Extensions otherwise you will not get any notification when the Extension is automatically disabled. 

The message “This Extension violates the Chrome WebStore Policy” is pop up on the screen of your device while web browsing this means that Google doesn’t give permission of installing or enabling it again while web browsing.

You can opt for Chromium Browser in case of Google blocked the Extension. Google maintains and updates this open-source version of Chrome because Google doesn’t block any Extension on the Chromium Browser and also supports all the extensions that are supported by Chrome as well. It was introduced by Google that offers open-source code for the Chrome Browser.

You can take the help of Chromium Browser to enable the Extensions that were blocked by Google in Chrome or it violates the policy of Chrome Web Store because it does not disable your installed Extension forcefully.

You may experience some issue that is similar to the issues faced in Google Chrome while browsing on Chromium Browser due to its unstable nature.


You can download Chromium browser on your computer to enable all the extensions which were blocked by Google in Chrome. You can switch on the Chromium browser from Chrome to enable all the extension that violates the Chrome Web Store Policy.

How to Download the Chromium Browser?

  1. You can download the Chromium browser from the given link of the zip file of the Chromium browser on your PC.
  2. You have to download or install it on your PC.
  3. Now, you have to double-tap on the chrome.exe file from the copied file to run the Chromium Browser on your PC.
  4. You can keep the Chromium browser on the USB drive because it is portable.

Download Chromimum Browser – Click Here

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Final Verdict:

You can read our in-depth guide on how to fix “This Extension violates the Chrome Web Store Policy”. You can follow the procedures mentioned above to enable the extensions by web browsing on the Chromium Browser that was blocked by Google in Chrome.

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