This sweepstake is supported by Stop and Shop General store company LLC with an address at 1385 Hancock St., Quincy, Massachusetts. The company claims and works a grocery store chain across the northeastern US.

It has north of 400 areas in key urban communities which utilizes in excess of 80,000 specialists.


The Stop and Shop CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY is a drive to accumulate input from customers. It runs close by a sweepstakes program that plans to expand interest and prize client dependability. For the ongoing cycle of the sweepstakes, the authority start was back on January 1, 2022.

It will end on December 31, 2022, at 11.59 pm EST. This three-month length is separated into three, harmonizing with the beginning and end dates of each scheduled month.

WHO’S Qualified?

As indicated by the authority controls, the sweepstakes are restricted to the legitimate inhabitants of these states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey.

Participants should be something like 18 years old when they enter the draw. To safeguard the respectability of the sweepstakes, anybody who works for Stop and Shop, as well as related companies, agencies, and advisors can’t join.

The close family and family individuals from these representatives are additionally ineligible to join. This sweepstake is viewed as void beyond the states referenced, as well as in purviews where it could be disallowed by regulation.

How Would I Enter?

Online Overview – The vast majority are probably going to enter by partaking in the web-based review at, giving criticism from their shopping experience, and topping off the enlistment structure.

There is no passing buy sum. Simply check your sales register receipt to check whether you have a study greeting. Sign on to the site as educated and utilize the receipt number to continue.

Once finished, you will get one section. For the ongoing passage time frame. Note that the study should be finished within 5 days of the exchange with the store. Actually, look at your receipt’s date to check whether you have the opportunity and energy.

Substitute Strategy for Entry – In the event that you wish to enter the sweepstakes without making a buy or noting the web-based review, then utilized outdated snail mail. Get a plain 3″ x 5″ and record your complete name, your postage information, your telephone number, your introduction to the world date, and your email address. Place this in a business envelope and mail it to Stop and Shop Instore Consumer loyalty Overview.

The authority address is PO Box 456 in Newark, New York with postal division 14513. This should be stamped by the first of the scheduled month at the most recent, to be considered for the earlier month’s entrance time frame. It ought to likewise be gotten by the eighth of the month.

There ought to be just a single passage for each envelope. Various sections will be viewed as void. Mechanical propagation is not allowed. Every individual is permitted up to 5 sections for every drawn-out period.


There will be 10 victors for every section period. These champs will get a $500 gift voucher from the store. Subsequently, the all-out inexact retail worth of these awards is $5,000 each month. Just a single participant for every family can win for every passage period.

The gift voucher will have its own agreements for use. Except if the support concurs, the awards can’t be moved or subbed. For instance, prize replacement might happen if the expressed award becomes inaccessible. The substitute should be of tantamount or more prominent worth. There will be no substitution of lost or taken prizes.

WHEN AND HOW ARE Victors Chosen?

An individual can win in the event that their entrance is drawn on the planned dates. Determination will be irregular to guarantee reasonableness. Just the qualified passages for every section period will be available at the draws. Non-winning sections won’t be extended to the following draws. The possibility of winning will rely upon how many sections are submitted. Any issue will be settled in light of the authority rules and the chairman’s choices. These are conclusive and restricting.

HOW DOES A Champ Guarantee An Award?

Contestants need not stress since they will get a notice in the event that they win. They can anticipate a call, an email, or a standard mail within two work days after the draws. Except if disallowed by regulation in the purview, potential victors should execute an Oath of Qualification, Risk, and Exposure Delivery.

This should be allowed in the span of 7 days of warning to guarantee the award. The inability to do this or different reasons for exclusion might bring about the granting of the award to a substitute champ.


The champs rundown can be gotten through a mail-in solicitation. Simply send a self-addressed stepped envelope prior to May 13, 2021. Mail this to “Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner’s List” with P.O. Box 458, Newark NY. On the off chance that you are in Rhode Island, you can get a rundown of the champs by going to the Customer Service counter after the planned draws.

Shouldn’t something is said about RIGHTS, Security, AND FUTURE CONTACT?

Prize champs will be approached to concede the support and their representatives with composed consent to utilize their name, resemblance, and other significant data for limited time purposes. With respect to the contestants, they should concur that all sections will turn into the property of the backer for use in any way they see fit.

As indicated by the authority sweepstakes governs, the data given by participants might be utilized with the end goal of the sweepstakes. These won’t be sold, leased, or surrendered to different gatherings. For an internet-based copy of the rules, go to to find out more.


The Stop and Shop Customer Survey is an incredible way for incessant customers to give feedback and assist their number-one stores with working on their business.

The way that you can join sweepstakes and conceivably win an award is a pleasant reward. Make certain to peruse the rules before you take part.


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