How to Make Money with Sites that Pay for Short Stories & Make $1000/Month?

Hello! Everyone, today we will tell you about some popular sites that pay for short stories. If anyone loves or is interested in writing short stories or articles then you are in the right place. You can make $1000/month with your writing skills. If you are young and energetic then I recently shared, “Best Side Hustles for Teens” which you can check and earn side money too. 

As compared to others, you can find out the best websites that can pay a handsome salary for your writing skills. You can read about all the ultimate guides about these types of websites that can pay you as a professional writer by the authorized websites.

Sites that Pay for Short Stories

Sites that Pay for Short Stories

These websites are very open to welcoming fresher writers and they agree to pay a fair salary for writing any short stories.

You can also find your interesting genre in which you can show your best writing skills. You can also sort out the best magazines listed below that can pay fairly. If you want to be a professional author then you can go for it.

You can also improve your writing skills by providing short stories to the magazines and that will be paid for. 

So, here are the best sites that pay for short stories and you can also make $1000/month with writing skills. You can select any magazine of your choice that is fair enough to pay for your writing skill.

Magazines That Pay For Short Stories: Up to $200 Per Short Story

  • Liquid Imagination: This amazing Liquid Imagination accepts the presentation of up to 6,000 words. You can choose your favorite or interesting categories like sci-fi, fantasy, slipstream, poetry, or literary fiction. etc to show your best writing skill. 

Payment: This magazine agrees to pay $8 for any flash fiction short stories and if you submit a short story of fewer than 1000 words then they can pay $3 for that.

If you agree to accept your payment through PayPal then they also give $2 as a bonus point to the author.

  • Eternal Haunted Summer: This Eternal Haunted summer magazine offers you to write a short story on Pagan gods and goddesses with an unlimited limit of the words of the story. 

If you have the knowledge and are interested in writing a story on topics like agnostic or atheist gods and goddesses then you can opt for this magazine and can earn a decent amount of payment after the submission of your story to this magazine.

Payment: This magazine offers $5 for your story submission and you can also earn $15 as a special feature payment in case they like your story more.

  • The Antioch Review: This is the oldest magazine that was founded in 1941. They are publishing various magazines in America which are related to the categories like science fiction, essays, and poetry. 

They are very welcoming for entrenched as well as emerging writers or authors. They offer to the fresher authors to earn something good for their submitted stories. College-going students also join this magazine as an author to be independent or to earn some dollars in their free time.

Their authors are also frequently incorporated in Best American Pushcart and Anthologies.

Payment: This magazine can pay $20 on each printed page to the author.

  • New Reader Magazine: This magazine is focused on short stories which are based on Literary Fiction. This magazine is working on an international level. 

This will be a good option for the new authors who want to join a good magazine to earn something by submitting their best stories.

Some of them are working on over 1000 words and the rest of the new readers obtain flash fiction.

Payment: They can pay $10 to the author and also offers to pay $20  over 1000 words.

  • Gemini Magazine: This Gemini Magazine offers a $1000 grand prize every year on a short best-seller contest to the authors. Anybody can participate in this challenge to earn $1000 and test their writing skills or their abilities. 

They are focused on the tagline of this magazine: “fiction, poetry, a little craziness, and more!”.

Payment: They can pay $20 to the author for the submission of their stories to this magazine.

  • Tales From Between: They offer to the author write their best short story related to the topics of Horror, Goth, Mystery, Suspense, Scary, Weird.

Authors who are interested in writing a mysterious or suspenseful story can submit their stories to this magazine and can earn some money from it.

They are accepting short stories with the limitation of 1000 words only.

Payment: They can pay $20 to the writers for their stories.

  • Ruminate Magazine: This magazine trying to empower the spiritual life. They are considering any submission that can challenge the curiosity and analysis of the reader rather than their verdict.

They accept the submission of word count in between 4,000 to 5,500 words.

Payment: They offer $20 for the submission of the story.

  • The Temz Review: This is an entrenched magazine that can pay the author for the submission of their stories. 

Freshers can also submit their stories which should be interesting, experimental, curious, and beyond the boundaries.

Your story should be 10,000 words or lesser than it. 

Payment: They will pay $20 for the submission.

  • Elevator Stories: They accept all types of fiction and entertaining stories except fan fiction, erotica, and axiom.

Your story should be in at least 1000 words.

Payment: You can earn $20 after the submission of your story to the Elevator Stories magazine.

  • Bethlehem Writers’ Roundtable: They are focused on the composition which is based on story-obsessed. 

Payment: You can earn $20 by submitting your story to the Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable.

Final Verdict:

You can read our in-depth article on various Sites that Pay for Short Stories. You can improve your writing skills by writing stories of your interest and also can earn many dollars by submitting to one of the above best sites.

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