New VPN Rule 2022: Indian Govt New VPN Rule? Peopel Did’t like it Why?

New VPN Rule 2022: Are you aware of the government’s new VPN rule? Which is strongly opposed.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers oppose the new rule by the Computer Emergency Response Team of India (Cert-In), a wing of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, in which all VPN providers will receive customer data for 5 years. . It was imperative to keep him safe.

New VPN Rule 2022

New VPN Rule 2022

The VPN service provider says that the new rule is dangerous due to the violation of user privacy. To understand VPN, first of all, is it necessary to know about IP?

What is IP and how does it work?

VPNs are part of a larger network of Internet-connected devices, computers, servers, and other devices around the world. It assigns a unique address to identify each device connected to the Internet, which is called an Internet Protocol address or IP address. This IP address helps websites and law enforcement agencies track the exact location of users.

What are VPNs?

A VPN is a virtual network that works without going through the IP address of your device. Because your device cannot be tracked. When VPN mode is on, your network runs over a secure path, eliminating any tracking. In a nutshell, a VPN creates multiple proxy identities for your data and delivers it securely without altering the content of the data.

New VPN Rule 2022 from the Indian Govt

It is necessary for the privacy of both the VPN service provider and the users. Actually, VPN mainly protects the website and cybercriminals from being tracked.

Also, the VPN hides the location of the device. But does this make it difficult for the government and law enforcement to get the exact location of any device?

According to the Cert-In directive dated April 26, the VPN service provider has been ordered to retain customer data for 5 years. Based on this, VPN companies are required to retain details of customer name, VPN usage time, and IP address.

Cert-In wants VPN companies to store VPN service provider data for a longer period of time, so that anti-social elements and cybercriminals who engage in various nefarious activities online can be tracked effectively.

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