MyMetroClaim com – How to Track My Metro Claim Online?

MyMetroClaim com – If you are a customer of T-Mobile and you purchased the latest mobile from the T-Mobile store where you can have the option to choose to get your gadget insurance in wording to shield your gadget from harm.

Likewise, you can get the advantage of the Premium Handset Protection program which will give the insurance of your gadget and protection of your mobile also.

MyMetroClaim com

MyMetroClaim com

Along these lines, if you need to be aware exhaustively about PHP Program like what it insure then you want to peruse this article completely.

  1. Casualty and robbery.
  2. Fluid harm likewise protects a wide range of unplanned or accidental harm.
  3. Corruption in mechanical or electrical parts even after the expiry of the guarantee of your gadget.

Procedure to File A MyMetroClaim com

In the event that you are confronting any of the issues we shared previously, you can undoubtedly have the option to file a MyMetroClaim online.

Follow all the given below instructions carefully:

  1. You have to visit the official site of MyMetroClaim at MyMetroClaim com.
  2. It will be accessible 24 hours.
  3. You need to tap on the File/Track My Claim button.
  4. Then, at that point, you have to provide your mobile or serial number.
  5. After this, basically check the box of the manual human test of Captcha.
  6. Finally, you need to tap on the Submit button.

In the event that you don’t have your serial number then you can without much of a stretch have the option to get it from a few places.

  1. You can check your serial number under your battery.
  2. Additionally, it will be accessible on the official packaging of the gadget.
  3. It is additionally composed on the receipt of your purchase.
  4. You can also get your IMEI number by dialing #06#.
  5. Just actually take a look at the settings of your gadget.
  6. Additionally, you can also simply contact your carrier.

You can check out some of the information while filing a MyMetroClaim com:

  1. You should require a valid Mobile Number.
  2. Additionally, needs a serial number.
  3. You really want to have your IMEI number.
  4. Likewise need to have the model number of your gadget.
  5. You need to provide insights concerning what occurs with your gadget and furthermore the date when it happens.
  6. You also need to provide your contact data.
  7. You have to provide your Account PIN number.
  8. Additionally, you have to enter the security questions.
  9. You need to choose the payment mode.

Likewise, in a few cases, you may likewise be expected to provide extra documentation like:

  • Confirmation or proof of misfortune structure.

File a Claim via Phone for MyMetroClaim com

To file a claim via phone then you can have the option to just visit the MyMetroClaim com website client by contacting at 1-800-316-2075 and afterward essentially getting some information about the issue.

Check the Status of Your Claim at MyMetroClaim com

Prior to filing a claim, you really have to visit the site to actually take a look at the status of your claim.

Additionally, you can just have the option to check the status by essentially adhering to the guidelines we mentioned underneath about MyMetroClaim.

  1. Basically, you need to open the site which is www MyMetroClaim com.
  2. Then, at that point, you really have to just tap on the button of File/Track My Claim.
  3. Now, you have to provide your mobile number or serial number 
  4. Then, at that point, you have to finish the security check.
  5. Tick on the box of the button Submit.
  6. At the point when your number gets checked then you have to tap on the Track My Claim button.
  7. Now, you have to provide the zip code of your area.
  8. Primarily, you need to tap on the submit button.

How to Registration at MyMetroClaim com?

In the event that you buy a T-Mobile gadget, you can essentially have the option to sign-up to register your gadget in an immediate way by basically visiting any of the stores of T-Mobile.

  1. Limitation of the Claim.
  2. You can be permitted to get 2 cases in a year in a year from the date of the first fix and substitution which isn’t more than $1,500 per claim.
  3. At the point when your claim arrives as far as possible then the insurance coverage gets ended automatically.

Things That Are Covered

Here we will inform you regarding what gadgets will get insured in MyMetroClaim.

In this way, basically read the subtleties beneath:

  1. Your gadget will get insured in it.
  2. Additionally, the battery of your gadget will get insured in it.
  3. Your standard home charger will likewise get insured in it.
  4. Standard SIM Cards will likewise get insured in it.

Instructions of Lost or Stolen 

In the event that your gadget gets robbed or on the other hand, assuming you lost your gadget, you can just have the option to settle on a decision at Metro by essentially utilizing the T-Mobile at 1-8000-8metro8 in wording to suspend the assistance.

Contact Care Customer 

Essentially you need to visit the authority site of MyMetroClaim at On the site, you have to tap on the Contact Us button which is accessible at top of the page.

Just complete the online form in the event of any inquiries, you have to provide your subtleties.

  1. You have to choose the reason for the request.
  2. Additionally, you have to provide your name.
  3. Then you need to provide your email address.
  4. Now, you have to provide your claim number.
  5. Likewise, you are expected to provide your telephone number.
  6. Then, at that point, you have to enter your question.
  7. At last, make a tick on the Submit button.

You can also contact me at:

  • 1-800-316-2075.
  • Fax 1-866-450-4080

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