iNDS iOS 15 2022 [iPhone/iPad] Download

iNDS iOS 15 – Nintendo is in the gaming console arena for a very long time now, almost two decades. Nintendo launched its Nintendo DS, trying to add touch screens to its consoles. Now we know the console itself wasn’t that great, but the games available on the gaming console were a big selling point.

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic and want to play those games one more time, you should try the iNDS emulator iOS 15. And in this article, we will show you how to download iNDS emulator iOS 15 on your device.

iNDS iOS 15

iNDS iOS 15

Nintendo has experimented by adding new technology to improve its consoles. And as we all know, experiments didn’t pan out the way we want them to. 

iNDS Emulator iOS 15 

The Nintendo DS wasn’t great of a gaming console. The gaming console is not just remembered for its specs; the games make it worth remembering. Even though the console was not a big hit, people still get nostalgic while thinking about the old video games they used to play in their childhood.

Now, getting your hands on a working Nintendo DS is near impossible. but, there are other ways you can play those OG games.

iNDS Emulator iOS 15  is one of the best apps to play Nintendo games not just on PC but also on phones. 

How To Download and install Nintendo DS Emulator iNDS iOS 15 On iPhone

There are several ways you can download a DS emulator on your iPhone. We will share all the possible ways you can get a Nintendo DS emulator for iOS 15.

We will share all the possible ways you can use anyone easy and simple for you. Just make sure to follow the steps and read the article before installing the app.

How can you install iNDS iOS 15 with AltStore?

  • First, you have to download the iNDS Emulator IPA file.
  • Then you have to install altstore. 
  • Now, open the altstore and go to my apps section, make sure your device is connected to the computer. 
  • You must have an active internet connection.
  • Now, from my Apps section, tap on the plus (+) icon at the top, and select the iNDS emulator iOS 15IPA.
  • The process of installation of the emulator will start on your device. 

How To Add ROM To Your iNDS Emulator iOS 15?

There are two different ways in which you can install a ROM of the game you want. Follow the one that is the easiest for you to follow.

iNDS emulator browser

  1. Open the iNDS emulator.
  2. Then, Go to the search bar.
  3. Type the game you want to have.
  4. When the game appears, hit download and save it.
  5. Now, wait till the game is downloaded.
  6. Once it’s downloaded just launch the game and enjoy.

ROMs from external sources

There’s a chance that you might not get the game you are looking for in the app. In case that happens, you can download the ROM for iNDS Emulator from third-party websites. 

  • Simply Google the name of the game.
  • Once you see a genuine-looking website, hit download.
  • After the ROM is downloaded, tap on the downloaded file. 
  • Once the notification appears, tap “open with iNDS emulator iOS 15.” 
  • Now just open the app, and launch the game. 

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We have shared how you can download the iNDS iOS 15 and install the app with ease. If you got to relive your childhood memories with the help of this article, then share it with your friends.

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