How to Share Points in Globe? Step by Step Guide

How to Share Points in Globe – Today we will talk about share points in Globe. You can get rewards as points after topping up your telephone number in the Globe. You can get so many reward points every time whenever you recharge the prepaid or postpaid number of your phone.

These reward points can be advantageous as they can be changed over or reclaimed into cash, texts, calls, or web pack.

How to Share Points in Globe?

How to Share Points in Globe

If you know how to share your reward points in Globe then you can likewise transfer them to your relatives or companions. You can follow the Step-by-step instructions are given below to share Globe points. This signifies that We gives you to reclaim your reward points as well as you can easily transfer them.

For prepaid  and TM clients, they get reward points relying upon the top-ups that clients recharge. For postpaid clients, the prizes depend on their month to month bill instalments altogether.

Assuming that you are a Mobile organization supporter, you just need to sort out some way to utilize, redeem or transfer your reward points. Remember one thing that Consistently, on March 31st, all your collected rewards points lapse. Along these lines, you have to effectively utilize your reward points or share them before the expiry.

How to Share Points in Globe?

Since it has become so absolutely obvious that you can redeem your reward points so,  we should continue focus on to How to share points in Globe.

Right now, sharing Globe Reward points is not accessible. But you can yet gift your loved ones a promotion by sending a text message to 4438 under this pattern GIFT<space> ITEM CODE <space> 10 digits number. So, in this way you can learn How to Share Points in Globe.

You can trade your collected reward points for various prize stuffs. You simply need to get the code of that stuff and send a text message as just like we have mentioned above.

Or on the other hand you have to dial *143# and select the option of REWARDS and afterward keep on redeem your reward points. Here are a few accessible choices: relaxation, shopping, widgets, Globe Telco item, eating, and others.

What are Globe Reward Points?

It is a faithfulness agenda of Globe for the clients of prepaid, postpaid, and TM. Formally, this agenda is called MyRewards MyGlobe. These reward points that endorsers received by recharging their telephone numbers can be transfer or share to Globe promotions or you can buy other stuffs over 3000 Globe accomplices like the SM Store, Shell, National Book Store, Bench, KFC, and others.

You can also redeem your reward points for web groups, calls, or text. The reward points are saved to your sim card naturally whenever you want to recharge your number.

How to Share Globe Points to GCash?

Yu can follow our mentioned below procedure step by step to share your Globe reward points to the GCash:

  1. You have to download the App Rewards.
  2. Now, install it on your device.
  3. You to find the icon of the GCash App after installing it.
  4. Now, you have to wait for a text message received from 4438.
  5. By following above steps, you can now share your Global reward points to GCsh easily.

You can also use your transferred GCash for any accessible service on the app of GCash.

How to check your Current Balance of Globe Points?

You can easily check your current balance for globe points  by sending a text: Send BAL to 4438.

Globe Reward Points

There is a list mentioned below of Globe Rewards that you can utilize to redeem your reward points. This should be possible through USSD code, redeeming codes, or Globe Rewards App that can be installed from Google Play Store in Android and Apple App Store in iOS device. You can send a text in the given pattern: REDEEM<space><ITEM CODE> to 4438.

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Final Verdict:

You can use your Global Reward Points getting by recharging your postpaid and prepaid phone number in different ways and also share your reward points to your family and friends by following our in-depth guide mentioned above.

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