How to Clean PC without Compressed Air? Full Steps

If your PC cabinet getting dusty and your PC performance is also slowing down then you must want to learn How to Clean PC without Compressed Air?

Compressed air can be very costly. Surprisingly more terrible, you need to purchase the thing each time you need to clean your PC from malicious soil and residue.

Be that as it may, is there any elective or alternative method for cleaning the PC without utilizing common compressed air?

How to Clean PC without Compressed Air?

How to Clean PC without Compressed Air

Ends up, there are numerous strategies you could utilize. Here are a few ways to deal with cleaning a PC (and other electronic gadgets) with straightforward apparatuses you most likely as of now have or with a less expensive option as compared to others.

Top 4 Methods to Clean PC without Compressed Air

Method 1: Bring out the heatsink and clean it with the help of a brush

Heatsinks in your computer are the portion that is reliable the most with respect to the issue of temperature. Since there is no electric part on the heatsink alongside the electric engine for the fan, you can clean the part more unreservedly utilizing a delicate brush or paper towel.

It’s also possible to clean the fan utilizing a similar machine. Be that as it may, ensure you didn’t push the cutting edges excessively hard so they will not be distorted or smashed.

Certain individuals additionally recommend adding a little amount of water to the delicate brush or paper towel for eliminating dirt or residue that is extremely difficult to clean. Then dry the parts of your PC for around a few hours to guarantee there’s no water staying on its surface.

Method 2: Use Silicone Blower to Clean PC

Use Silicone Blower to Clean PC

A silicone blower (otherwise called a hand blower) is most likely one instrument you want to have close by and your PC. It works comparatively like a compressed air container, yet is less expensive and depends on the holding power of your hand.

It blows air impact after you crunched the silicone compartment part. The tension is sufficient to clean the residue on the outer layer of electronic parts without making them contact it.

The cost of this device is about $4 to $7 relying on your area (check out on Amazon). It’s a little investment since you don’t need to purchase a similar thing consistently for cleansing your electronic gadgets.

Method 3: Use Vacuum Cleaner As a Blower

Use Vacuum Cleaner As a Blower

There are products of some vacuum cleaners that have two abilities in a single device. It can inhale residue and soil, while the opposite side can be utilized as a breeze blower.

Obviously, the air impact may not be areas of strength as possible, but rather it’s sufficient to guarantee the heatsinks of PC and fans have big space to appropriate cool/hot air.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that not all vacuum cleaners have this element. Check out the manual book of the gadgets to see what it is prepared to do.

Method 4: Use HairDryer as Blower to Clean PC

Use HairDryer as Blower to Clean PC

Hairdryers perform similarly to a blower — it blows air. Yet, there’s a trick. The air from a hairdryer is generally more flaming and can dissolve a few plastic parts whenever uncovered for an extensive stretch of time.

Subsequently, if it’s not too much trouble, just continue with this choice with a warning. Assuming you feel the breeze impact is hotter than it was, you can stop the utilization and hold on until the electric engine inside it chilled off prior to proceeding.

These are various methods to clean your PC without a compressed air can. We suggest choosing a silicone blower since it can focus on a little region and can be utilized on numerous occasions without power.

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