Com.Android.Server.Telecom is mainly responsible for managing calls on an Android device including SIM, and others.



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What is is used to manage the calls on android mobile devices ranging from SIM-based calls. is used to make calls using VoIP or SIM-based audio and video calls. Once the call has been placed the uses an android framework to make the calls with help of the SIM-card module to establish the connection.

Features of com android server telecom?

There are many other functions supported by com android server telecom. the list of all the functions is mentioned below.

  • Call is responsible for handling the in calls function on android. It handles all incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Call Details

com android server telecom maintains call details on android. It displays all the call-related logs like the caller’s name and number.

  • Callaudiostate is also responsible for handling all the in-call audio features like calling audio status. Check if the call is muted or not.

  • Callredirectionservice

com android server telecom also helps in call redirections like call diverts that works with RTT. This function also keeps a record of all redirections and call diversions.

  • Callscreeningservice

com android server telecom also checks if the incoming call is on the block list, if yes, the call is automatically rejected.

What is a Restricted Phone Call?

This function is accountable for holding all the information related to conference calls. The number of people connected to the conference, the name or number, maintaining the call log, maintaining the audio, etc. also maintains a conference call via a conference call app as well.

Connection.Videoprovider ensures the connection status of the video call over VoIP on the android device.

Can you uninstall com.Android.server.telecom?

Unfortunately, you can’t uninstall com android server telecom as it is one of the essential system service apps on your android. Removing the app will keep you from making a phone call.

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