Bitlife iOS 15 2022 (iPhone/iPad) Official IPA

Bitlife iOS 15 – BitLife involves the player making a choice that later influences how the character will perform. Will you make the right choice and become a good citizen, or will you mess up your character’s life forever with a wrong decision?

Let’s find out how you can download and install on iPhone and iPad.

Bitlife iOS 15

Bitlife iOS 15

when you will open the App for the very first time, you will see a button where you can start the new life journey. You will be assigned a character marking the start of the game. 

What is Bitlife?

BitLife is a mobile virtual reality gaming app that permits its players to settle on a choice that will later influence how the life of a character will be like in the game. The App is only available for iOS devices and also includes in-app purchases. 

The App is rated for 17+ years of age players since it has many themes that are too sensitive for younger players. BitLife includes violence, profanity, sexual content, alcohol, and drug use, and gambling which is not suitable for younger ones. 

What is the God Mode of Bitlife iOS 15?

The Bitlife God Mode allows the player to have some superpowers. Probably, it is the best mechanism for having control over each other and virtually every element in this text-based simulator game. You can guess from the name that; this mode grants the player powers of a god. The God mode is the most straightforward way of achieving a full sandbox life simulator, but this method is not entirely available to all players. it goes for around $ 4.99, and it’s a one-time payment only.

BitLife God Mode is a premium package that gives you abilities to edit virtually every part of your BitLife character. You can also tweak features such as your gender, country of birth, social standing, and in-game statistics. 

Features of God Mode on Bitlife iOS 15:

  • Unlimited editing of your characters.
  • You can tweak your characters every year. like, squeezing a character’s appearance at a very young age or a young adult will affect how their life will look later.
  • Ability to edit game statistics.
  • Your character is guaranteed to get elite-level jobs with these features and attain jobs that can attract fame to you.
  • You are guaranteed to enter the elite social groups. 

When you edit your character as early as at their birth using the God Mode, you can have them accepted into the royal family as a member as well. When the character is born, they will live a pure luxury life alongside other BitLife society elites. 

How to get free God Mode in Bitlife iOS 15?

Panda helper is one of the best sources to download mode games. You can download BitLife without jailbreaking your device and it has the hack features Infinite Cash and Free Bitizen Purchase. In addition, the BitLife download from Panda Helper also supports auto touch, cheat engine, and many more.

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