How to Download Best Plex Plugins & Installing Process?

Best Plex Plugins 2022 – While you are a casual Plex Plugin user, then this Plex works straight out of the box. You surely need to invest your little time in learning about how can you set up plex and also add it to your media.

Now once you have used Plex for some while you will be able to notice a missing feature that wishes for some extra functionality. And this is where third-party plugins have their dominant role.

Even though you have hundreds of Plex addons that are already existing on the web but they are not worth the time and hence some are absolute must-haves.

So, If you are interested in those best selective ones then the below-given article covers everything that you should know right here. Follow the article below:

Best Plex Plugins 2022

Best Plex Plugins

Top 10 Best Plex Plugins for Power Users

Tautulli also is formerly known as PlexPy, Tautulli you can find the most efficient add-ons for the people who usually share their Plex library with other people. This is actually one of the best plex Apps that can make Plex even better.

This plugin, gives you clear statistics about your Plex server and these stats include the program you have been watching, people who watched them, and even what are the places that programs were being watched.

On the other hand, the plugin also has the feature of a powerful notification tool and hence you can simply alert other people when you can add new content to your server and other lucrative ones as well.

  • WebTools

These Web Tools are perhaps the most used Plex add-on. The tool includes a popular unsupported application store including a host of Unofficial Plex Channels including user-generated content. Logging tools, Subtitle management Modules, scanning tools, and playlist management modules are the tools that are missing unmatched media.

Depending upon the operating system you are running and installing, your add-ones can be complicated.

  • Sub-Zero

With the plex, you can handle subtitles natively but it further comes with a few caveats. You further have access to a couple of subtitle libraries and other tools that also don’t retrospectively can add subtitles including existing media. With Sub-zero you can manage your subtitle in a more holistic way.

You can automatically scan and manage eight repositories that can be round for the best subtitles of your video and this can further scan your media for all your missing subtitle files. You can also find many easy customization tolls such as Colors, timing offset, and another removal of HI tags to assist people with hearing impairment.

  • Plex2Netflix

Plex app doesn’t give you a straightforward way to watch Netflix on its app. By the way, this Plex2Netflix does make you way more efficient by giving you an add-on to help you see your existing library and the availability of popular streaming services as well.

It is really useful if you are running some sort of space and further want to delete some of its content. You can also find it most useful once you are wondering about spending time in downloading a new slow.

For each library item, this add-on tells you about the percentage of remaining show availability. Let’s understand it with an example, In case you have 5 series of your favorite comedy saved locally, you can find only 3 series available on Netflix.

  • Plex Export

Do you like to show people your content on your plex server without giving them access to the server itself? Then this plex Export is the add-ons you must be needing. This further gives you permission to produce an interactive HTML page that is easily browsable by other people.

Your media can be found in sections and the other HTML page further includes live filters so that viewers can be seen establishing quickly whatever is established. You can simply filter by most Metadata fields that also include genre, actors, year, rating, and much more.

  • TheaterTrailers

Some people like to try to make a Plex server replicate the movie-going experiences which are as close as possible. A big part of that is watching pre-movie trailers for even those movies that have not yet hit the theaters.

The Theater Trailers add-ons can simply be pulled in trailers that can be seen currently airing in cinemas and broadcast before your video gets started. When this film gets eventually available to the public, an application has an automatic deleting feature and hence it deletes its trailer.

  • Plex-Sync

Plex gives you automatic sync to watch status that is between multiple plex servers. This is useful only if you have a separate server running irrespective of different locations. Like your house and in the office.

These tools can be synced between the users and in case you and your partner watch the same episode or show together, or other when apart then it ensures both are on the same page and also when you next time make login to it. You also have the feature to sync your content via both HTTPS and the ports systems.

  • Transmogrify

Transmogrify is basically a browser extension. When you access Plex via a web browser rather than through the desktop client, this tool will introduce several useful features.

One additional feature is a server statistic page which is a way to see whether any missing seasons or episodes in TV shows, a randomizer for movies and TV series, actor profiles, and much more.

This extension also adds several new links to their Plex interface. Let’s take an example ‘ the Trailer button which is a link to a movie’s IMDb page and a rotten tomato link.

  • IPTV

You can find many networks around the world that broadcast their show via this IPTV and this is done using the IPTV channel. You can easily access those feeds, with the assumption that they are not Encrypted or geo-blocked.

The application further supports the on-screen program guide, channel categories, and other custom channel logos. And in case you have never ever used IPTV before then make sure you can simply check out the additional ones for your wiki. This is having all the information you need for your start.

  • Trakt Scrobbler

For people who are still unaware of Trakt Scrobbler let you know that this Trakt is basically the of this video world and it automatically makes you log in to everything you might have been watching to your online profile.

Kodi has basically a Trakt Add-on and hence you can simply slit your time between these two popular apps since this is an essential tool to keep on whatever you have been watching. This syncs your watch history between these two apps and avoids your confusion between the two.

Like Trakt recommends you based on your viewing habits and can even tell you about the service your app offers and the movies you can watch. The other features include a TV calendar and a customizable watch list for your according wish as well.

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Final Conclusion

Installing these plugins and addons will surely not make you a Plex plugin for Power User and hence if you don’t want to get the most out of the Plex, you surely will be benefitted from reading some of the other articles which you have previously published on the same site.

While on the other hand when you have seen complete coverage on Best Plex Plugins 2022 above and other best 10 alternatives, you have further come to know about its features and additional details and now you can choose which one to choose or not.

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